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Living a sustainable life can sometimes be a pain, we agree. If you’re still wondering what sustainable travel is all about, feel free to check out our post on “Why sustainable travel matters”. This page, however, is all about sharing all the great resources we discover as we go with you. And it is about getting you jumpstarted and keeping you up-to-date.

In order to do that, we’re keeping track of all the resources and things we found helpful in the past. If they helped us once, we thought they might be helpful for you too. To make it even easier for you to find your way through the sustainability jungle, we also highlighted our personal favorites. So if you’re in a rush, just jump to the category you’re interested in and check the ones in bold.

Call to action: You think we’re missing something? This is an ever-evolving list of literature, organizations, products, and other forms of inspiration for sustainable traveling and responsible lifestyles in general. So if you’d love to see your favorite on our list, please drop us a message below!

Shortlist: Sustainable Travel Resources

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For the comfort travelers:

*Sometimes, it has to be a hotel. And it better be one that cares about sustainability. There are also many local hotels, but unfortunately, we don’t have enough space to list them all. So do your research before staying with one of the big brands!

For the socializers:

For bike travelers like us:

To be honest, we’re new this too. So we haven’t had the chance to try out Warmshowers.org, but for our big, grand tour we definitely will.

One Note:

We do our best to research the sustainability efforts and impacts of each and every item on this list. However, our resources are very limited, so we often have to rely on external information about our shortlist candidates and cannot review each and every effort of the organizations behind the item. If you feel some shouldn’t be on our list, PLEASE send us a message and we’ll have a closer look.